Invoices are issued monthly in ADVANCE, prompt payment within 7 days is appreciated and direct debit is our preferred method of payment.
Late payments will now incur a £5 late fee.

KS Dance Academy operates a 2 week notice period on cancelling your classes completely forfeiting your class place.

KS Dance Academy reserve the right to withdraw any student at any time without notice for misconduct or non-payment of fees.

KS Dance Academy is now open all year excluding bank holidays, Easter weekend and two weeks off at the end of August.

If you or your child miss a class due to holiday, ill health or for any other reason and they wish to make up the classes, we allow them to attend another class/genre in the same or another venue.
We do not offer a financial reimbursement for the class or transfer to the following month.

All classes signed up for will need to be paid all year round unless KS Dance Academy are closed.

If KS Dance Academy cancels a class another alternative class/genre will be offered at the same venue or another. If KS Dance Academy cannot offer an alternative, then class fees will be carried over to the following month or a refund offered.

We ask that if your child has any medical issue you feel we should be made aware of this is your responsibility to inform us by email and a follow up phone call with Miss Kristy (principle) so we can put any measures in place that are needed to support the student in our care.

We ask for your permission to use any photographic/video of your child for social media and advertising KS Dance Academy.

All information supplied will be stored in line with KS Dance Academy’s GDPR policy for 12 months.

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